Sunday, 4 November 2018

Separating? Take one step at a time

It's easy to be overwhelmed when contemplating the path to separation and beyond. Will I ever find love again? Will the children and I be safe? Will I have financial security? Will i go bankrupt? All of your fears may be legitimate. The reality is most of your fears won't happen.

When couples separate, they get out the other side- and keep living. Rather than catastrophise the enormity of everything going wrong, it is better- and more realistic- just to focus on today. Conquer today, and then tomorrow you can conquer tomorrow, and so on.

Just climbing a seemingly endless series of steps seems overwhelming. Don't look at the overwhelming number. Just look at one step. Just take  that one step at a time. Believe in yourself. You will get there. It might be a bit quicker or slower than others. Who cares? It is your journey. You will get to the end of the steps and shout: "HOORAY! I did it!" And then keep going with the rest of your life.