Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Top 8 tips when separating

I was asked today what is my advice of coping with advice. On reflection there are 8 top tips:

After 30 years of doing divorce work, my 8 top tips when separating are:

  • Make sure you and the kids are safe.
  • Have a support network- family, friends.

  • Go see a counsellor- someone independent to sort your head out helps.
  • Have a positive attitude- aside from yourself, this can be invaluable for your kids
  • Exercise- the best antidote to the stress of separating.
  • Protect the kids positively. While the poison of separating affects you- it can impact your kids permanently.
  • Get financial advice from an expert.
  •      Hire the most experienced lawyer you can find. They may not have to do much, but they might  save your bacon.