Thursday, 24 October 2013

How Google catches up with those who spam blogs

I am amazed at times about the number of people who try to take over my blogs, so that they get backlinks to their site- by trying to post "comments" to my posts.

Sometimes these are people promoting get rich schemes or surrogacy, or swingers parties of all things, sometimes to use Julia Gillard's words "nutjobs", and sometimes I am ashamed to say they are fellow lawyers. What a divorce blog in Australia has to do with injury lawyers in Canada for example who want to tout their wares is a mystery to me.

Most importantly, I don't allow others to spam my site.

I want to make it plain that I am not opposed to fellow lawyers (or anyone else for that matter) commenting on my blogs- provided they have something relevant to say, and they are not just trying to spam my blog with meaningless drivel that has no relevance to the post concerned, but just happens to say how wonderful they are and provides a convenient back link.

That behaviour simply won't be tolerated.

This issue came into stark relief this week when I was contacted by a fellow (Australian) lawyer who has in effect been black banned by Google because there are too many suspicious links leading to that lawyer's website. "Get rid of the links" he's been told, or the black ban remained. With the black ban in place his website has disappeared off Google into the pit of doom, never to be seen again until the problem is fixed. Yes, there are other search engines, such as Bing- but offend all conquering Google and watch out!

 That lawyer has asked me to remove his comments on my blog. I will do so. The irony? I didn't take his comments on my blog to be spam. I thought they were legitimate comment.

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