Sunday, 9 December 2012

Blonde Roots book launch

Today I have the pleasurable duty to speak at the launch of a book by a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The book, Blonde Roots by Narelle Warcon, tells a searing tale of repeated sexual assaults, domestic violence, mistakes made in following life's journey, but with a sense of candid honesty and surprisingly a sense of humour.

One of the first sections of the book which surprised me was that growing up in Gympie that she had been subjected to gang rape, and that this was seen in those circles as being entirely normal. Having had family in Gympie and been there plenty of times, I had never thought of Gympie in that light- until now.

Now Narelle is blessed by her children and a realisation that she does not have to be a victim, but can stand on her own two feet. Powerful stuff!

When and where:

The launch is at Brisbane club Cloudland, 2pm -4.30pm today, with an auction to help victims of domestic violence. For more details:

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