Saturday, 13 October 2012

Art bought at the Art From Your Heart auction

Last night I bought art at the Art From Your Heart auction. This is an auction run by Australia's CEO Challenge, of which I am Deputy Chair. The auction is designed to raise funds for both Australia's CEO Challenge and the Combined Women's Refuge Group, to assist women and children escaping domestic violence.

The first piece was by famous playwright Alana Valentine. It shows open padlocks and keys, describing the process of freedom of those escaping domestic violence:!/photo.php?fbid=10151262744674343&set=a.10151262743994343.514898.132719399342&type=1&theater

Alana Valentine describes the piece:

"My artwork is about the idea of locks being able to keep us safe. We think of locks keeping the danger out but too often violence comes from within the family itself. I also wanted to reference the practice of 'love locks', symbols of love which are carved on padlocks and then attached to the fences of public attractions around the world. So there is a conscousness in this work of the lovelocks which are there in the first flush of passion and the fear locks that emerge when the passion turns to violence. Ultimately the only thing that can keep us safe is mutual respect and a determinaton not to tolerate abuse of any kind."

The second piece is here:!/photo.php?fbid=10151262745524343&set=a.10151262743994343.514898.132719399342&type=1&theater

Its message to me was compelling. It says, simply: "Stop Violence" and shows a large handprint and two smaller handprints. It was painted by a mother and her two children who are living in one of Australia's CEO Challenge partner refuges. This is the first thing they have done together in peace.

The third piece of art is here:!/photo.php?fbid=10151262745754343&set=a.10151262743994343.514898.132719399342&type=1&theater

It shows a heart "Family" and a broken heart "No Family". It was painted by twin boys who were staying at one of the refuges.


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