Monday, 14 May 2012

Family Violence Bill Presentation for Australia's CEO Challenge

I was lucky today to have the privilege to be able to present to a group of domestic violence workers in Brisbane. I delivered a paper about the effect of the Family Violence Bill, or as it is more formally known, the  Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence And Other Measures) Act 2011. The Family Violence Bill makes changes to the Family Law Act.

The workers had come from as far away as Dalby, 3 1/2 hours drive, to listen to me speak.
The presentation was sponsored by Australia's CEO Challenge. I am the Deputy Chair of Australia's CEO Challenge. This charity is based on the premise that domestic violence at home is often reflected in work issues. Uniquely, it tackles these problems by fostering partnerships between businesses and those in the domestic violence sector.

Australia's CEO Challenge, with a staff of two, not only successfully fosters these partnerships, but also delivers training about workplace violence to the partnership businesses.

I will post my paper online tomorrow.

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