Wednesday, 22 February 2012

As I said yesterday, de facto property matters in Family Court are now uncertain: . Hopefully they will be fixed soon.

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Miscellaneous Lawyer said...

Leaving aside the mistake in the GG's department, I am sick of the political opportunism this demonstrates.

"Opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis said: "This is an astonishing act of incompetence at the heart of government. It reinforces every impression the Australian people must already have that this government cannot get anything right."

However, it is understood a similar oversight occurred under the Howard government in 2006 when the Family Law Act was amended to give the Family Court jurisdiction to consider appeals from family law magistrates in Western Australia."

Hopefully this can be sorted out without too much hassle. I am amazed that no one has challenged this before now; surely the first time the jurisdiction was exercised adversely to a person's interests, they would have checked?