Friday, 25 February 2011

Bigamist gets nullity

In these days of relatively easy divorce, it is hard to think of anyone committing bigamy. However, a  bigamist recently obtained a nullity order from the Family Court. In the case, Mathus and Pews, the husband remarried in 1986, 3 years after meeting wife number two. The marriage certificate said that he was divorced. That was untrue. The husband married  wife number one in 1975, separated from her in 1979 but only finally divorced her in 1995, 9 years after remarrying.

Justice Dawe, granting the nullity, found that the second marriage was void.


Anonymous said...

How intriguing. A Muslim man can marry four times. Some countries where this practice is lawful are - England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia,Indonesia and so forth. In Australia this practice is illegal. Many Muslim migrants arrive in Australia with their many wives. I wonder if any such person has been charged with bigamy in Australia. I have heard some say that Australia does not recognise Muslim marriages. So can such a person with so many wives marry another in Australia and still not be charged?? I wonder?

Elaine said...

Muslim men, Iranian in my husband's case, can marry another wife in Iran with permission of the first wife and it needs to be formalized in a court. He then needs to maintain the marital home, family life exactly the same for both wives, treating them equally.
My husband has lied, forged documents and FAKED a marriage in Iran and brought his cousin into Australia and been allowed to marry her in Brisbane all whilst I am his wife. I have been fighting for justice for two years. I have been to court in Iran and proved everything. The authorities here have taken no action and the AFP said "no intent". My life has been turned upside down and the distress is beyond to me and my son and daughter.
The Australian laws and the Marriage Act 1961 are a joke!
And I can't get married again because I am still married!
Oh unless I lie, forge documents and blatantly do that under the Australian authorities noses!

Anonymous said...

I married a man in sri lanka. He moved to australia and lived with me as husband and wife. He returned to sri lanka telling me his father was ill. What I didn' t that he re married there. He never returned to me he now resides in australia with his new wife while still being married to me. Why can he not be deported in entering a marriage with me for residency and living a life with his new wife here in australia.