Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mistress obtains $100k under Family Law Act changes: News Ltd

News Ltd is reporting that in a first, a mistress of 20 years has settled for over $100,000 a claim under the Family Law Act against her former lover, a cheating husband.

To have done so, she would have had to have convinced the man's lawyers that they lived in a genuine domestic relationship.

The claim was able to be brought under the Family Law Act for de facto couples who separated from 1 March this year.

The outcome of the claim is likely to strike fear into unfaithful spouses. It was widely predicted before the amendments to the Family law Act came into effect, that they might cover claims against cheating spouses, because of the ability under the laws to have a de facto relationship with another even if one of the parties is in another de facto relationship, or is married.

The changes to the Family Law Act apply throughout Australia, except for Western Australia and South Australia.


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family law said...

very informative. Cheating husbands will probably start thinking about cheating.

Unknown said...

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