Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Online resource for US law students course outlines

Back in the dim, dark ages, yes when I went to law school, there was this tendency on the part of the academics to guard the course outlines jealously. To obtain the external notes was like hitting the jackpot. External students might have been deprived in many ways, but at least they managed to get an outline of what they were being taught.

Those days are hopefully well behind us. I recalled them when I came across a US website, recently which lists outline after course outline of many law schools in the US. It's all free, and unfortunately mainly only available to US law students. They can download the course outlines for free in turn for uploading other course outlines from their courses.

Yes, the site does have limitations: by nature it is largely limited to US law students, and it is only marginally relevant to Australian law. However, it is an amazingly innovative idea, and many of the course outlines are available by previewing them. I was quite interested in several about family law.

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