Thursday, 20 August 2009

I'm walking on 28 August with Lance Hockridge

Lance Hockridge is the CEO of Queensland Rail, probably Australia's largest rail operator.

Next Friday, on 28 August, Lance will be walking, appropriately enough, from Newmarket to Roma Street stations in Brisbane to raise awareness for the fight against domestic violence, and to raise funds for Australia's CEO Challenge (of which I am a director), a charity that links businesses with women's and children's refuges.

As part of his efforts, Lance invited me (and no doubt lots of others too) to join him on his walk. I am proud that I will be walking with him. Participants are also encouraged to raise funds, as part of Lance's efforts.

When: Friday 28 August, 2009

Walk: Newmarket Station to Roma St Station 7am to 8am

Breakfast: Roma St Station 8am to 9am

For more information, here's Lance's webpage:

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Fatale said...

Wonderful. The more men who walk for this cause the more men and boys will see it is the right thing to do. Maybe, eventually there will be so many men walking that Australia will be able to boast that ours is a country where women and children are safe. bring on the day