Monday, 1 June 2009

Boys lagging in education in NZ: divorce, absence of fathers blamed is reporting that NZ ranked lasted for educational outcomes for boys. Divorce, with lack of 50/50 caring for boys post-separation have been blamed by commnetators and educationalists.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure the same can be said in Australia. There are now several generations of boys in both Australia and NZ who are being put through an education system designed for girls, run by women and pandering to an agenda that does not help boys develop and grow.

Add to that mix the increase in divorce and boys without regular and meaningful relationships with their fathers, and you've got a real generation of lost boys.

We are failing all children by allowing this to happen. Why is everyone so afraid of boys being boys and allowing them to learn to be boys from their fathers?

As a step-mother to a 16 year old boy, who has finally developed a meaningful relationship with his father after his mother interferred to fracture the attachment, I can see a huge difference.

Now, finally I see a confident boy about to become a man, who has a man he can talk to about 'guy stuff'. His school grades have improved, his self esteem has improved, he no longer bites his nails, his relationships with his sister, his friends both male and female have improved. And his relationships with his mother has improved.

He still battles with an education system that rewards more female learning styles but he finally has a sense of his identity; knowledge that it's ok to be a boy.

Boys who do not have this relationship are doomed to fail in their future relationships. We will have a generation of lost boys with broken hearts, and their partners with broken hearts, and yet more children with broken hearts.

Neither gender is better than the other. Their similarities and differences should be celebrated and embraced.

Sorry for the long comment post/rant. I'm just always pleased when this topic is raised, in any forum.