Sunday, 12 April 2009

Melbourne man finds abducted children when Swedish police couldn't

A Melbourne father took time off work, flew to Sweden, and armed with a rental car and a pair of binoculars, managed to locate his abducted children, whom the Swedish police had not been able to locate in 6 months, according to

What is telling about this case is that when dealing with overseas authorities, sometimes it is necessary to take things into your own hands. One now retired Brisbane private eye made it a career decision to go overseas and abduct back children who had previously been snatched from Australia. This sometimes involved hair-raising adventures, just demonstrating that at times there can be real danger in such an approach.

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Brendon Tylor said...

WOW I Love the pics!! Well, except that one... going to have to figure out how to distract my little boys as I go through this post with them LOL!Melbourne hair