Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Kids talk about their parents' divorce on SBS Insight: compelling viewing

The Insight program on SBS has just run a story on kids commenting on their parents' divorces. I saw it online. It is compelling viewing- essential, in my view for any parent going through separation and divorce, and likewise for any teen having the trauma of their parents splitting up.

The last time I saw something this powerful was a video from the Federal Government about children describing the same sort of stuff- but that lost a lot of power for me when I learnt that the kids were actors, and they were acting out scripts.

This one's real.

The Insight webpage is here. To watch online, click here (will load to a page from where you can choose which clips you want to watch).

The comments page was also compelling, especially one commentator whose parents split up when she was 4, and her mother's ongoing bitterness has affected her ever since.

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