Saturday, 18 April 2009

Global financial crisis equals upturn in child abuse

Experts are predicting an upsurge in child abuse, according to Fairfax.

It's not surprising, is it? Financial independence is one of the necessities of life. Without it, we are stressed. Those who are stressed may lash out. They may engage in acts of crime, domestic violence and child abuse. My recollection from old stats was that those most likely to commit acts of murder were typically unemployed men, who were depressed about the fact that they were unemployed and therefore had little self-worth and no control over their lives.

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Divorce Saloon said...

There is some research to suggest you are right about that. Not only child abuse, but domestic abuse generally seems to increase when employment decreases. I almost feel like we need to address this issue as a global society, since it is such a universal problem.

by Divorce Saloon, New York