Wednesday, 18 March 2009

US: New "no lie" MRI

American lawyers are seeking to admit into evidence the MRI test results of their client, the father in a child protection case who is accused of engaging in sexual abuse case. The purpose of the MRI was to show, from the oxygen levels in the brain, that when the client was questioned about the incident and was in the MRI, the client was not lying, and that therefore the abuse had not occurred.

It is not yet know whether the results will be admitted.

I don't know how the client was asked questions when in the MRI, but unless it was the world's quietest MRI, I would have hated to be the person typing the transcript of the interview. This is what one healthcare company said about MRI:

You will be positioned on a special moveable table with your head, neck or
back inside the MRI scanner, which is shaped like a cylinder. You may be
given earplugs or stereo headphones to wear due to the loud banging noise the
MRI machine makes during the exam


MonkAre said...

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Debbie Hewitt said...

Hello Stephen,
When I had an MRI, the machine was noisy but I was able to listen to music and to the instructions of the technician through a headset. I would presume questions could be asked through the same headset.