Thursday, 12 March 2009

Raising children won't send parents broke: study

A new study has suggested that raising children won't send parents broke, according to the ABC, although the author suggests that it should not be used for child support purposes.


Anonymous said...

No IMHO the opposite is more true.

Raising children (for some separated parents) is seen as a 'job' that comes with an attached 'income'.

For instance parenting payments are worth approx $15,000 per annum, then if you add FTB A (@ approx $4000 per child per year) and and FTB B (@ 2447 per child per year) you can see how quickly it adds up.

AND if the 'child support paying parent' is earning say $40,000 per year, well that equates to about $15,000 per year in Child support.

So really, any parent is entitled to an income of $36,000 via centrelink (give or take) and this could never be considered as 'going broke'. My highest paying (FULL TIME) job throughout my entire working career was only $43,000.

IMO The people who are REALLY going broke are the poor suckers paying child support. For instance, on an income of $40,000, you would pay 20% tax then (for 3 children) 33% in child support. The paying parent receives a measley $20,000 in the hand while other parent earns $36,000 in pensions and then another $15,000 in child support.

One day the courts will get it right and give custody to the parent who can (or is willing to) financially support the children without excessive help from the government.

IMO The financial capabilities of each parent and the possible ongoing burden to the government should be taken into consideration when applying Family Law.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous got his calculations wrong. If he has $20000 in hand (left over for himself), and the wife has $51000 for her and the kids, it works out to be $12750 per person. So doesn't he have more for himself than they do per person?

Doesn't he get that he only has to look after one and they are four so they should have four times what he gets?