Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Larapinta-Uluru Trek for Family Peace 3-8 September 2009

As a director of the non-profit Australia's CEO Challenge, I am thrilled that CEO Challenge is organising the Larapinta-Uluru Trek for Family Peace. Limited to 15 places only, the trek is in one of the most remote and beautiful parts of Australia and will help make a world where women and children are safe and free.

The picture above is of the Olga Gorge. Although everyone mentions that they have been to Uluru, the Olgas or Kata Tjuta is (in my opinion anyway) much more spectacular. I had expected that the Olgas were made of the same kind of rock, a red sandstone, as Uluru. Not so. I was struck when I walked through this gorge about how the walls were a type of conglomerate- a beautiful form of natural concrete, which surround and envelope you. To be there is to know that you are in one of the unique places on Earth.

  • Save the life of a young mum and her child when she attends one of CEO Challenge's employee seminars and understands the concepts of control and power,and recognises the warning signs of violence ($1 a day).
  • Create a toy and book library for children who have left their beloved toys and books behind when their mother sought refuge from a violent relationship in a shelter aided by CEO Challenge ($100).
  • Stop a man raising his hand to his wife or children after attending one of CEO Challenge's
    seminars or workshops ($500).
  • Provide a shaded area for kids to play at a refuge providing shelter for
    mothers and their children.

1. Register to secure your place ($700 non-refundable fee)
2. Create your fundraising plan — Australia’s CEO Challenge & Inspired
Adventures will help you every step of the way
3. Start fundraising to reach your goal of $4,000 (flights not included).
Trip costs = $2,840 + $1,260 minimum to Australia’s CEO Challenge
4. Get fit for your challenge
5. Australia’s CEO Challenge receives the funds you raised (minus the trip
costs) and the money makes a real difference to family lives
6. You have the adventure of a lifetime

Fundraising Target: $4,000 (flights not included)

Registration Fee: $700 (non-refundable, not part of fundraising)

Duration: 6 days

Trek Duration: 4 days

Physical Rating: Moderate to Challenging

Accommodation: Hotels & Comfortable Outback Camping

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