Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Family Court orders kids live with dad after mum says dad was "cruel, unkind"

Family Court Justice Benjamin has ordered two children live with their mother, after evidence from a psychologist that:

These children are slowly indoctrinated into believing that their father is
cruel and unkind and likely to hurt them, when this is not the case

according to the Australian.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that I'll have to (for legal reasons) skip enough detail to keep this sounding a bit mysterious.

Even people I have known for 20 years or more have difficulty believing or even understanding some of this.

Tomorrow, a state Family Court will dissolve my marriage of over 13 years.

For the entire 13 years, my wife has completely disregarded her wedding vows, lying to me about practically everything, but has also been quite underhanded about how she does it.

If you regard it as a Transactional Analysis Game, it would be named The Martyr. Covertly cause a ruckus, overtly do "whatever you can" to solve it, payoff is sympathy for "poor, poor, pitiful me."

A bit more than a year ago, she tricked me into leaving our residence, to prepare for a holiday on the other side of Australia (near our original home) with her mother, and my two children.

She then informed me that she wasn't coming. OK, so I volunteered to move the cheap flights, fly back across myself and collect the children for the holiday. No worries.

On the evening I flew across, she changed her mind after I was in the air. No message on my phone, nothing. I rolled up 3000km away to find the house empty of people, no car, no explanation at all. This greatly surprised the neighbours.

I had had a near-fatal traffic accident about 2 years before (total surprise from a malicious stranger, no warning, nothing I could do about it) involving me becoming comatose, then having to spend most of a year in rehab, so needed to return across Australia to see neurologists, psychiatrist & other medical people.

Goodbye, over $2000 in air tickets, not easy to cope with on a $300-a-week total income. Goodbye, children. Apparently, she had "fled" to a women's refuge about 140km away, and filed a state-specific Family Violence Order against me, which is utterly baseless.

In point of fact, she had deliberately begun coaching #1 son into PAS some weeks before the overt trickery had begun.

One of the consequences of my accident was her meeting (via eBay) some lying cultists on the other side of Australia (different place), which incidentally happened to cost me a job about a year later (for reasons which I was lied to about by her). Said cultists have helped to destroy at least one other family.

Driving together on a highway about 110km from home, son suddenly starts pulling an exact emulation of second-youngest child of the cultists. Exact as in word choice, accent, posture, everything. This included racial abuse of some other children, whom I did not know (apparently Latinos).

Without naming names, I explained to him that this was a bad thing, that it hurt others for no reason, that he should not do it.

Wife promptly abused me, accused me of so training him (racial abuse? talk with my friends from Uganda, Thailand, Ghana, Brasil, Germany, Nippon, etc (including an Inuit and a Pawnee AmerIndian) about that), then struck my hands — on the steering wheel — causing the vehicle to spin out on the narrow, twisty, steep highway.

By dint of extreme effort, I stabilised the vehicle, bringing it to a halt on the narrow gravel verge with a blown rear tyre.

After I had emptied the nearly-full tail of the wagon to extract the spare wheel, replaced the blowout, packed the tail again, she refused to let me drive "because you are too emotional."

About two months after tricking me into leaving, she agreed before Family Court Counsellors to contact me on two afternoons a week so that my children could talk with me.

At ten calls, she discovered that the free calls she expected to be able to use did not work (telco's sleaziness). So "had to stop" because it was "too expensive" ($30 a month after having cost me over $2000 in airfares). Someone has since stolen my own 'phone so I no longer have her number.

I discovered her unlisted land-line phone number (I work in IT), but calls to that number have never been answered. She has a satt Internet connection, so Skype would be viable, she knows my Skype handle, no reaction at all.

Daughter had asked on every single call (of 10) to relocate to my state to live with me. PAS-programmed son had asked thrice. Not at my suggestion. My response in each case was positive, amounted to "depends on Jane" (but with wife's real name). I think that the real reason for her axeing the calls is fairly obvious.

Late last year, she tried to file divorce paperwork, via lawyers, against my Legal Aid reps there, who were only empowered to deal with childrens' matters. They said no.

Late February, she filed against me again, via redirected, registered snail-mail, no lawyers. Since I was staying out of town, it took nearly a month to collect that and to file a Response to it (could not sign the enclosed Acknowledgement as that was improperly filled in).

On 31 March I recieved a relatively pleasant-sounding email from her (first direct contact of any sort in well over a year) with photos of children at their new residence on the other side of her state (about 600km from where we lived, she had to break the rental agreement to move there), still has not told me the address.

It is not hard to deduce that the email is in response to the news reports linked from here.