Thursday, 5 March 2009

Australia Strengthens Women's Rights

Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, and the Minister for the Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, today welcomed the entry into force in Australia of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

The Protocol will strengthen the rights of Australian women and provide a further measure to protect them against discrimination.

From today, Australian women will be able to make representations to the CEDAW Committee, once all domestic avenues have been exhausted, where they believe their rights under the Convention have not been respected.Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, said that "Australia's accession to the Optional Protocol last year sent a strong message that we are serious about promoting gender equality and that we are prepared to be judged by international human rights standards."

"Once again, the Government is making it clear that we are serious about positive engagement with the United Nations on human rights issues," Mr McClelland said.The CEDAW Committee can issue views on whether a breach of the Convention has occurred and on measures to address the breach. The Optional Protocol also creates a procedure enabling the Committee to initiate inquiries into situations of grave or systemic violations of women's rights.Minister for the Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, said that "becoming party to the Optional Protocol demonstrates our commitment to the promotion and protection of the rights of women, both at home and abroad."Australia has been a party to CEDAW since 1983 and became a party to the Optional Protocol to the Convention in December 2008.

Source: Ministerial Media Release


Peta said...

Where are our rights? My ex-husband is living in my house with my kids and I cant even get centrelink benefits, government housing or rental housing because I cant get an income from them due to our financial assets that I partly own yet dont have access too. Im homeless and all I want is my own place so that I can have my kids but it seems as though that is too much to ask. And all because I left him and left our home. Where are the womens rights in that?

Ditto said...

I am in a similiar situation as Peta.
My expartner controls all the financial resources. I got nothing.
Legal Aid was denied to me because we got assets.
He has engaged one of the best Family Lawyers in Sydney and he is a solicitor.
We went to Court almost six months ago, to get orders as to obtain spousal maintance and my legals fees covered.
The judgment has not been delivered and I received a letter last month from my husband lawyers saying he is not willing to pay the rent anymore. Just after I did not accept the property settlement propousal he prepared. I got legal advice as there was not enough financial information from him to asses the propossal.
I am the primary career for our two year old son.
I borrowed some money for last months rent.
But I might not be able to get the money for the rent due in a forthnight.
I am not originally from Australia and I do not have my family or friends to support me.
I do not understand the delay in the judgment given the circumstances.

Alex A Jack said...

Hey ,, I have similar case too , my husband took avo against me ,, kicked out of the house ,, he also took my babies ,,so I became homeless for few month with no money or clothe or rights nothing at all ,, I wonder where is woman rights ,, I came from over seas to find that Australia not different then any other country ,, me and all the the woman's who had same kind of situation have to do something about it coz there is something wrong here need to be fixed