Thursday, 19 February 2009

Today is family law summit, day one

This morning in Canberra, the Federal Government under the leadership of Attorney-General Robert McClelland, is hosting a family law summit. The Government handpicked 200 delegates, including lawyers, judges, family dispute resolution professionals, legal aid officials and the like to discuss issues affecting family law. Topics include child support and online support.

One of the delegates is my partner, Julie Harrington, who was invited by virtue of her chairing the Queensland Law Society Family Law Section.

The reality about family law is that it will constantly change, both to reflect the whims and expectations of government, but hopefully also to reflect the needs of society. Current challenges include the Semple review of the Family and Federal Magistrates Courts, and the increase in jurisdiction of the Family and Federal Magistrates Courts on 1 March when the de facto property changes take effect in all States other than South Australia and Western Australia.

I don't know if this is the first family law summit ever, but I do not recall one ever being held in the past.

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