Saturday, 15 November 2008

DV Training for counsellors with abusive women

Well it was going to happen. The debate on domestic violence started with the violence by men to women. Men's advocates then highlighted that women can be violent to men. It was then recognised that men and women can be violent in same sex relationships.

The real controversy is not that there can be domestic violence in each of these relationships, but the nature and particularly the rate of it.

Now it appears that an author has written a book for counsellors to train them in counselling abusive women. This is of course in addition to the many books dealing with counselling abusive men.

The blurb about the book says:

Recognizing that women can be as abusive in their intimate partnerships as men,
this book provides the clinician with comprehensive information to understand
the characteristics and treatment implications for women's domestic violence. It
offers guidance for conducting group treatment of abusive women.

The book, Domestic Violence Treatment for Women: Step by Step by Ellen L. Bowen is released later this month, including through Amazon, at a cost of US$120-130.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Well, it's lost me in the first sentence of the blurb.

Anyone who writes "as abusive AS men" shows a distinct misunderstanding of the dynamics of control, coercion and domination between the genders, both in the ways it's perpetrated and received.

I still maintain you've got to experience it first hand to fully understand it. If not, you're only guessing at how it is.