Thursday, 2 October 2008

Offbeat: US judge orders woman not to have any more children

In a decision of apparent doubtful constitutionality, Texan Judge Charlie Baird has ordered that as a condition of her probation that Felicia Salazar not conceive or bear any more children.

Salazar " admitted to failing to provide protection and medical care to her then-19-month-old daughter, who suffered broken bones and other injuries when she was beaten by her father. Both Salazar and the father relinquished their parental rights, and the daughter was placed in foster care."

For the full story, on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog click here.

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Anonymous said...

My question is what happened to the father? He is the one who is the perpetrator. He did the bashing, where's the ruling that HE should never be allowed to have children? Can't find anything about HIM at all. It appears the woman is yet again, responsible for this man's behaviour. Where's his responsibility? The details are not known of why she failed to protect her child, highly likely it would have been through fear. What people don't realise is if the woman steps in, and physically starts to protect her child, what if she is killed by him? Choked, or knocked unconscious? What assistance is she going to be to her child after that? Not much, I'd say.