Saturday, 12 July 2008

Section 60I certificates now required in "all" cases

Until 30 June parties going to the Family Court or the Federal Magistrates Court about children needed to obtain a section 60I certificate from a registered family dispute practitioner, although there were exceptions, such as there having been proceedings which had started before 30 June 2006, or there were circumstances of urgency or issues such as domestic violence or child abuse.

From 1 July, the exception for pre June 2006 has now been removed, and it has been suggested that ALL these cases now need a certificate. I do not know what that actually means in practice. One would think that there wouldn't be many matters still floating around from pre 30 June 2006, and if they are still going, one would wonder what use these certificates are- if people hate each other that much one would have to wonder what help mediation would be.

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Anonymous said...

We understand the need for a Section 60i certificate, but when one party refuses contact with a child until such time as a mediation takes place flies in the face of reality and justice.
One acrimonious party can do much damage in the time it takes to make appointments for single intakes and then mediation and then if no agreement is reached to go to court.
How unfair that the relationship between one parent and a child(ren) is put on hold just by the mere fact that one parent has the child.