Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Joining the Board

I have now joined the Board of Australia's CEO Challenge Ltd.

About CEO Challenge

Australia's CEO Challenge is an innovative program of partnerships between the business sector and the community to respond to domestic violence.

Business organisations partner with domestic violence shelters. Training is also provided to the partner business about domestic and workplace violence.

Based on a successful US model started by Jim Hardeman adapted to Australian circumstances, the program encourages organisations to:

- establish partnerships with community organisations addressing domestic violence
- support harm prevention activities through tax deductible donations or in-kind resources
- promote awareness about domestic violence within their own organisation and within the community.

Leading the way...

Denis Gately, a partner of Minter Ellison, encourages Brisbane CEOs to take up the challenge against domestic violence.

"Our relationship with the CEO Challenge program has benefits for our business and its reputation. It allows us to make a direct and meaningful contribution to systemic change in the community, and it also gives our staff a chance to benefit in ways they otherwise might not have been able to."

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