Monday, 14 July 2008

Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court fees go up

As happens on 1 July each year, the Federal Government has increased the fees payable to the Government in both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia:

Family Court of Australia Fees from 1 July 2008

$682 Application for divorce

$682 Application for Nullity

$682 Application for declaration as to validity

$155 Application for final orders

$155 Response to an application for final orders

$534 Hearing fee (defended matters)

$534 Notice of appeal from a court of summary jurisdiction

$840 Notice of appeal to the Full Court including an appeal from the Federal Magistrates Court

Federal Magistrates Court Fees from 1 July

$432 Application for divorce

$155 Application (for children or property)

$155 Response, seeking different orders sought by applicant
(for children or property)

$390 Hearing fee/Setting down fee (defended matter)

Nil Child Support Application/Response

It should be noted that exemptions apply due to financial hardship, for example that the person is in receipt of a pension.

Just to be clear- these fees are NOT payable to lawyers- they are a tax payable to the Government, representing a very small portion of the cost to the taxpayer for operating these courts.

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Anonymous said...

I cant believe they charge these rediculous fees. I have just spent 20K in the Family Court only to have the Judge crucify me and my ex partner use this to get off a restraining order, assault charge. I have only found out that the lied in his whole "Under oath" statement to which I can do nothing about. The judge I had preciding over my case is definitely in favour of the "Males". A Boys Club!!! If I could do it all again, to which I cant due to money, I wouldnt waste my time and money and just hand over my child to his father and get the rights that he is entitled to.