Monday, 16 June 2008

Victoria: New Family Violence Gateway on the Web

A new online gateway for government information on family violence was announced at the first meeting of the new Family Violence Roundtable.

Victorian Women’s Affairs Minister Maxine Morand said the new website provided direct access for people wanting to know about the crime, the action being taken by the Brumby Government and where to seek help and advice.

“The family violence website will educate and inform the community that family violence has no place in the Victorian community and that increased protection and support is available to victims,’’ Ms Morand said.

“The best way to tackle family violence is by involving the community, support services, courts, police and government working together.’’

Ms Morand said that family violence has a devastating effect on the community being the leading contributor to death, disability and illness in women under 45.

She said the Brumby Government’s new simple family violence domain name together with updated content including links to departments, agencies and others involved would improve access to vital information to address this issue.

“The new family violence website will improve information availability and awareness of support initiatives such as those being undertaken by statewide and local service providers,’’ Ms Morand said.

“We have seen significant improvements since 2005 in the system response to eliminating family violence but it is a complex issue and more needs to be done.

“Reducing family violence is a priority of the Brumby Government and that’s why we have invested over $50 million to provide a more effective, integrated response to family violence, to increase support services and to prevent family violence from occurring since 2005.

“We have continued this investment committing a further $24.7 million in this year’s State Budget to further strengthen the prevention of family violence, the protection of those at risk and the provision of support for those experiencing family violence.’’

Ms Morand said the web content would be updated regularly and feedback was encouraged.

The Family Violence Roundtable was a fitting place for the announcement to be made as it brings together police, courts, family violence and Indigenous services to work on the important state-wide family violence reforms currently underway.

The Roundtable has a focus on bringing together those implementing the reforms. Its membership includes Victoria Police Family Violence Advisers, Magistrates Court Family Violence Resource Officers and Chairs of Indigenous Family Violence regional Action Groups.

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