Sunday, 1 June 2008

Qld: new Domestic and Family Violence Council Named

Heather Nancarrow

Communities Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr has named the committee to advise her about domestic and family violence issues for the next two years, all of whom I am sure richly deserve recognition:

Members of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Domestic and Family Violence are:
• Heather Nancarrow - Chair
• Christine Nichols - Cape York representative
• Jeanette Kairupan-Vellis - Torres Strait Islander representative
• Ken Georgetown, - Urban Indigenous representative
• Rae Kelly - Rural and Remote Indigenous representative
• Amanda Lee-Ross - Far North Queensland
• Shirley Slann - North Queensland (Deputy Chair)
• Suzanne Gould - Mackay/Whitsunday
• Kathleen Garle - Fitzroy/Central West Queensland
• Verelle Cox - Wide-Bay/Burnett
• Paul Tuxworth - Darling Downs/South West Queensland
• Amy Stockwell - Moreton
• Lee Prince - Sunshine Coast
• Amy Stephenson - Greater Brisbane
• Donna Justo - Gold Coast

Heather Nancarrow is an outstanding candidate and I am sure will be excellent as chair. Heather has worked for as long as I can remember in the domestic violence sector, both in the community and in the public sector. More recently, she has headed theQueensland Centre for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence in Mackay.

The only people I know on the Council are Amy Stephenson and Donna Justo. Amy is very much involved with womens refuges. Donna has had a long and distinguished career as a women's advocate over many years, including attending international conventions, and has a long involvement with DV services on the Coast.

Congratulations to all- well deserved!

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