Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Profile: Jim Hardeman

Jim Hardeman and Stephen Page

I had the privilege recently of catching up with Jim Hardeman. Jim, from Plymouth near Boston, Massachusetts, has long been recognised as a pioneer in dealing with the issues of domestic violence and the related workplace violence.

Jim was a prison guard, social worker, then the Director of Polaroid's Employee Assistance Program, where he took action to end workplace violence and the closely related one of support to ending domestic violence affecting employees. As part of his attempts to challenge the behaviour of other staff, Jim was threatened, but followed through.

It is clear in talking to Jim that he has cojones, and is prepared
to take action, not just talk tough to take action, not just talk tough about domestic violence.

From Polaroid, Jim then morphed into his current career, which was to provide support to corporations in dealing with workplace violence, and reducing the incidence of domestic violence amongst employees. Jim is the founder of Workplace Violence Intervention Strategies, Inc. and has helped set up CEO Challenge, which links the corporate world with domestic violence shelters, in a bid to reduce the amount of domestic violence, provide for employees, and increase corporate responsibility.

Australians are lucky that Jim is regularly visiting our shores, assisting with CEO Challenge.

Jim was telling me that in his spare time (!) he has been involved with a community organisation which has former Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley on its board,
Jim Soorley
which sponsors a number of indigenous students to go to the USA to meet other indigenous students, and vice versa.

Jim, enjoy your time in Australia!

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