Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Family Law Council: new appointments

Attorney‑General Philip Ruddock announced four appointments to the Family Law Council.
“Firstly, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Professor John Wade (pictured) as the new chairperson of the Family Law Council,” Mr Ruddock said.
“Professor Wade teaches law at Bond University and has excellent qualifications for this position. He has both extensive practical experience as a mediator and an international reputation as a leading author in family law and dispute resolution.”
Professor Wade was previously a member of the Family Law Council from 1988 to 1990. His term as chairperson is for three years from the date of appointment.
Professor Wade follows Professor Patrick Parkinson as chairperson of the Family Law Council.
"Under Professor Parkinson’s stewardship, the Family Law Council has made significant contributions to policy and legislative reform in family law,” Mr Ruddock said.
“I am grateful to Professor Parkinson for his considered advice over the years and his important role in developing the Family Law Council’s report, Family Law and Child Protection.”
Mr Ruddock also announced the re-appointment of Justice Garry Watts, Ms Nicola Davies and Mr Clive Price to the Council for a further term of three years.
“These appointments will allow these members to continue their excellent work as convenors and active participants in the Council’s committees,” Mr Ruddock said.
The Family Law Council is a statutory body which advises the Attorney‑General on a range of family law matters.
The Council is currently working on a number of references from the Attorney-General including Violence and the Family Law Act, Mental Health Issues in Family Law, Improving Post Parenting Order Processes, and Arbitrating Family Law Property and Financial Matters.
In August the Government also accepted all of the recommendations made in the Family Law Council’s Report to the Attorney-General on Relocation. The report provides guidance for courts when one parent applies to relocate after separation.

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