Saturday, 18 August 2007

MP wants lie detectors in Family Court

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that an MP has called for compulsory lie detector tests for parents facing the Family Law Court.

South Australian independent MP Ann Bressington says current family law is a divisive "cash cow" that harms those it aims to protect - children.

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Anonymous said...

Although I am woman, but I have first hand witnessed that the man has been abused physically and emotionally by the wife, yet the Police has support that evil woman and when the matter reached the Family Law, the denied the man of his rights. I cannot agree anymore that the law is biased towards the men. Not all men are abusers, there are dangerous women who misuse the laws of this country. Please make the lie detector test mandatory for Police before issuing any AVOs and for the Family Law before any court proceedings or orders are made. Lets make the law protect the innocent party not the one who cunningly lie and cheat.